Capital Improvements for the 2022-23 Season

Are you ready to spot what’s different at the mountain this winter? Take a look at all of the improvements that Bristol Mountain has added for the 2022-23 Season.

Comet Express Cable Replacement:

This summer the Comet Express Chairlift got a whole new cable! The cable was replaced in a 3-day process that involved removing chairs from the lift, splicing the new cable to the old cable, pulling the old cable and the new cable around, and then splicing the new cable back together.

Widening of Upper North Star:

Upper North Star has been widened to 120’ to match the width of Polaris and Lower North Star. As a part of the project on Upper North Star new utilities were installed along with low-energy air-water snowmaking guns and new LED lights.

Shooting Star:

This summer the trail was widened to have a consistent width. This project will enable our Parks Team to add more features and jumps.

2 New Prinoth Bison Groomers:

The addition of 2 new Prinoth Bison groomers to our fleet will help us improve our grooming capabilities and speed. One groomer is a replacement of an existing part of our fleet and the other is an additional groomer to enhance our capabilities.

Opening of the Experience Center:

The new Experience Center will open this winter. We’re so excited to be able to offer our newest skiers and riders a
world-class experience before they even get on snow. This project will greatly improve the ease of access to the mountain for all of our renters, with a convenient location right next to the Launching Pad and the Ski School Meeting Place.

Parking Lot Expansion:

This fall we are working to add 108 new parking spaces to the North Parking Lot.

Summit Restrooms:

This winter there will be a new permanent restroom building next to the Summit Center.

Freestyle Water Ramp Jump:

The Greater Rochester Amateur Athletic Federation (GRAAF) has completed construction on a new freestyle water ramp jump at Lake Bristol. The jump will allow our Bristol Mountain Freestyle athletes to train and improve their skills year-round.

New Entrance Sign:

When you are arriving at the mountain this winter you will notice Bristol Mountain has a new entrance sign.