Bristol Mountain is thrilled to announce that they will be welcoming 13 new members into the Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol this year. The Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol is a group of volunteers who above all, love to ski, snowboard, and telemark, and share the joy of the sport with others, while they promote safety and provide credentialed outdoor emergency care, in accordance with National Ski Patrol guidelines.

“The Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol volunteers assist with the management and promotion of public safety at the mountain and are an essential part of our mountain operations,” stated Bristol Mountain General Manager Daniel Fuller. “We’re so excited to welcome these 13 new patrollers on to the team and wish success in their hard-earned new positions.”

Successful candidates began the process of joining the Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol in March, 2022 with a ski-off where they had to demonstrate their on-hill ability through a series of maneuvers to certified instructors. With a successful on-hill demonstration, candidates were then invited to participate in an interview with the Mountain Review Board. Once granted approval from the Mountain Review Board candidates were invited to participate in a 120 hour long Outdoor Emergency Care Course, which culminates in final written exam (100 questions) and a practical exam where candidates had to lead 3 first-aid scenarios and assist on 6 additional scenarios in order to pass and officially become a certified Patroller. The Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol started with 50 applicants this fall with only 13 making it through the certification process.

“It’s incredible to be able to welcome these 13 candidates into our program,” stated Bristol Mountain Patrol Director Steve Sippel. “We’re looking forward to a great season emphasizing safety at Bristol Mountain.”

The 13 new Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol members can now work in the first aid room and respond to calls on the hill. Their journey to becoming full Alpine Patrollers is not done, however, their next step is to become certified to transport injured patients in a toboggan to the first aid room through the Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) course. Those interested in joining the Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol can visit where they can find more information on the application process. Applications for the 2023-24 season will be accepted until March 13, 2023.