Treat your equipment to a handcrafted tune by our mountain based professionals with over 30 years of combined experience.

The Tuning Center is located at the base of the mountain in the ground floor of the Sunset Lodge adjacent to the Season Locker Room.

Call 585-374-1142 or email tuning@bristolmt.com for additional information.

Tuning Center Services

Why should I wax?

Waxed skis ski better. Waxed snowboards ride better. Period.

Wax puts a barrier between your skis or board and the snow, which enables them to move more evenly, smoother, and faster as you move down the mountain. From corduroy to corn snow there are so many different types of conditions that can exist on the mountain and there are waxes designed to optimize the performance of your skis or board during those conditions. Think about the last time you skied through a puddle and felt your skis slow down. A good coat of wax can help mitigate the impact of variable conditions and ensure even, smooth performance from your equipment.

Should I get a tune?

If you are asking this question, your skis or board probably needs a tune.

Can you see rust on the edges? When you run your fingers down the edges do they feel dull? Can you feel burrs or nicks? Tuning will help remove these imperfections and enable top performance from your equipment. There is nothing worse than hitting variable terrain and not being able to catch an edge because your skis are dull.

What is stone grinding and why do I need it?

It may be hard to believe but ski bases aren’t smooth. The base actually has a pattern of grooves that help to prevent suction between your skis or board and the snow enabling you to move faster down the mountain. Stone grinding helps reestablish this structure on your base after repeated use of your equipment.

Full Tune – includes stone grind, minor base repair, hand file base and edge, hot wax$68
Stone Grind$43
Hand File & Hot Wax – base and edge$38
Hand File – base and edge$28
Hot Wax$20
Mount Bindings with Release Check$65
Integrated Ski/Binding Plug & Play System Mount with Release Check$30
Remount Bindings with Release Check$65
Heli Coil Inserts – Each Install$5
Pole Basket – Each Install$6
Machine Tune$15
Full Tune – includes minor base repair, hand file base and edge, hot wax$68
Stone Grind$43
Hand File & Hot Wax – base and edge$38
Hand File (base and edge)$28
Hot Wax$20
Mount Bindings$20
Strap – complete$20
Strap – Toe Complete$18
Strap – ankle/toe$8
Strap – ladder$5
Binding Buckle$9
Mount Bindings
Nightly Equipment Storage