The team has just completed a 5 day water ramp camp in Lake Placid. 22 athletes trained by skiing down the plastic ramp surface and jumping into the pool. A total of 16 athletes worked on invert and off axis jumps.It takes several years of water ramp training before the invert jumps can be trained on snow as at least 200 practice jumps into water must be done before the athlete can request to take the water ramp test where they have to do 5 in a row perfectly. Water ramp training is a vital component of a freestyle athlete development plan and it is also probably the most fun training imaginable! More pictures can be seen here.

Next up for these athletes will be weekly trampoline training at the new Bright Raven Gymnastics Center in Victor. This new gym has developed a training plan specifically for our Freestyle Athletes and approximately 40 athletes will be participating once a week until we are back on snow in November!

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