What base pattern is best for the type of skier you want to be? What degree should you tune your side and base edges to? One, two or three degrees? How often should you wax and tune your equipment?

While these questions seem daunting, they should not keep you from enjoying your equipment to its fullest potential. Keeping your equipment in great shape will only help improve your experience on the snow.

Looking to Keep Your Edges In Pristine Condition?

All you need is:

  • Diamond Stone
  • Gummy Stone
  • Side Edge Bevel Guide (1°)
  • Base Edge Bevel Guide (1°)
  • Small Clamp

Attach your diamond stone to your side edge bevel guide (1° is great for any recreational skier), with the flat edge of the guide on the base of the skis run the diamond stone down the edge, from tip to tale. Similarly, for the base edge (again, a 1° guide is great for any recreational skier) place the diamond stone in the guide, running the guide down each base edge from tip to tale. When the edges are sharp, lightly run the gummy stone along the edges at a 45° angle just to remove any burs that are created during the sharpening process.

Take the Effort Out of Gliding

What helps to take the effort out of gliding down the hill and keep your bases in great shape? Simply keep your bases waxed a couple of times a season.

What you will need:

  • Iron (a second-hand iron is a fine place to start, just keep the temperature low)
  • Ski Wax
  • Scraper
  • Brush

Leave those candlesticks on the dining room table. Wax can get very specific depending on the application and snow quality but don’t let it overwhelm you. Wax can come in several different application types (rub on and hot wax).

For longer lasting effects a hot wax will reduce friction between you and the snow and keep you effortlessly gliding down the slopes. Hot waxes are hydrocarbon-based and some types include fluorine additives. For those looking to put down a nice protective coat of wax and keep your bases gliding, a hydrocarbon wax or one with a low fluoro additive will suit you quite well. With the iron, simply press the wax against the iron and drip the wax along the base from tip to tale. Follow up by placing the iron directly on the bases to further melt and spread the wax along the bases, ensuring a nice even coat of wax. Make sure to always keep the iron moving and not overheat the base in any particular spot. Allow the wax an hour to cool and fully penetrate the base before scraping off additional wax. Use a brush to remove additional wax from the base pattern and produce a polished look ready for the slopes!

Our Tuning Craftsmen Are the Best!

While this is a great place to start don’t hesitate to stop into the Tuning Center and catch up with one of our Tuning Craftsmen. They are always glad to share their experience. Our Craftsmen can also work with you to determine the correct base pattern, edge degrees, and wax to keep you on the top of your game. (Keep your friends wondering how they will catch up to you).

With our new state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Tuning Equipment, we can create a custom pattern unique to your style and goals to ensure a consistent result every time you pick up your gear.