Skiers and riders can expect a lot of great upgrades for the 2018-19 season.

Even though we had a phenomenal season last season, with skiing and riding from November 11th to May 1st, we continued our investment in our snowmaking operations this past summer.

A new 500hp/1000gpm high pressure pump will be installed replacing a 250hp/500 gpm pump increasing the water pumping capacity for the mountain another 250 gallons per minute. More capacity equals more snow on the mountain! According to Paul Trippi, Bristol’s Mountain Manager, “The added capacity that will be available to us this season is another step towards increasing our ability to make more snow therefore getting more trails open sooner or resurfacing our mountain quicker after a thaw.”

Season pass holders and guests have commented over the years on how remarkable our snowmaking system is and the amount of snow that can be made with favorable conditions in just one night. So the question was posed to Trippi, “Why do you need to expand snowmaking operations”?

Trippi responded by saying, “In recent years we have seen more dramatic changes in temperatures and winter conditions which have resulted in shorter and more intense windows where we can make snow. Improving our system is top priority in our planning whether it’s pipe replacement, adding more snow guns, more pumping capacity, newer technology, or improving the infrastructure itself. It’s critical to continually maintain our existing system, but also incorporate improvements whenever possible.”

Increasing our pumping capacity this season is one step in the ongoing process of developing and enhancing our snowmaking operations.

In conjunction with the added pumping capacity Bristol is increasing its fleet of snow guns adding both new low energy air water technology and high capacity fan guns. The capacity and technology utilized at Bristol was recently lauded in Ski Area Management Magazine as a model for technological advances in the snowmaking industry. Our goal is to expand on our great foundation by continuing to invest in the best technology for our guests.

In addition to the improvements to snowmaking we have also been busy reshaping Challenger for the new High Point Terrain Park that will be located here. The trail will encompass features like rails, boxes, and jumps. The ease of access off of the Sunset Chair, with the addition of lights, will elevate the experience for all users.

The Park will also include a FIS World Cup regulation aerial jump site that will allow Bristol Mountain to host international competitions that will seeaerialists soar 50-feet in the air in spectacular fashion. We look forward to the new terrain park and the ability to showcase world class athletes.

Just like we do every summer, this year we have continued to spend the months rebuilding grips on the ski lifts, replacing shives on the lift towers, rebuilding motors in our Snowflake Factory, repaving and sealing parking lots, mowing trails, replacing snowmaking pipe, conducting routine maintenance on our fleet of over 140 fan guns, upgrading our current fleet of vehicles, upgrading our main substation with a new transformer, and introducing new web cameras — all in anticipation for our guests arrival when the snow flies. We look forward to being your home for winter fun and
cannot wait to see you on first chair!